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Many women and their husbands will find the All Female OB/GYN Directory useful because they desire for the women to only have intimate health care by female doctors. They also want to do whatever to assure that the women will only have female gynecologists doing intimate examinations and procedures on them such as pap smears, pelvic examinations, breast examinations, hysterectomies, ovarian cyst removals, etc. Many women and their husbands only want female medical providers to be there for the birthing process.

We encourage doctors to respect women and husbands' desires to have only female medical providers for intimate female medical care. Please do whatever you can do to respect women's wishes when they want only female medical professionals such as anesthesiologists, scrubs, nurses, assistants, etc. in the room for surgeries, birth, etc. If a woman must have an emergency Cesarean section and she desires to have only female medical professionals in the room during the process, please try your best to get a female anesthesiologist. If that is not possible, you should ask the male anesthesiologist stay out of the room until you all have done all of the prepping for surgery including putting in the catheter. Be sure to keep the woman properly covered at all times so that her modesty and dignity are protected.

As for intimate examinations you may do on women, please do whatever you can to protect the lady's modesty. Be sure you keep the door closed when you do intimate examinations. Always ask the lady for permission about if she wants any medical students (even female) in the room with you all.

Men who don't want their wives to not go to a male gynecologist are not crazy. They just love their wives so much that they don't want another man to access and see the private parts of their wives. Some women and their husbands want to protect their intimacy and they feel like their intimacy is violated when the women are treated by male gynecologists. The bond between a husband and a wife is very special when they never expose their private parts to another person of the opposite sex.

Many women prefer female gynecologists for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons are: 1.) They feel very uncomfortable having a male gynecologist treating them for intimate examinations. 2.) They feel like female gynecologists can understand some things better. For example, men never have cramps, ovarian cysts, and other female health problems. 3.) They want to protect the intimacy between their husbands or future husbands and themselves. 4.) They want their husband to be the only man in the world to see them naked or access certain parts of their body. 5.) Religious and moral reasons.

The All Female OB/Gyn Directory encourages all doctors to be sensitive to why many women patients and their husbands may not want the women to have another male in the room for intimate procedures or surgeries and not question them why.


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