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Our Policy

Only All Female OB/GYN Practices can advertise on The All Female OB/Gyn Directory. There are a lot of wonderful female ob/gyns in mixed practices, but the purpose of The All Female OB/GYN Directory is to try to make sure that a woman and/or husband can be ensured that a female ob/gyn will take care of her intimate needs in emergency or birthing process. In most practices, doctors often rotate and that is why we cannot list female ob/gyns that are in mixed practices. There might be cases where women can be assured of having a female ob/gyn in a mixed practice in case of emergency or when the time comes for them to have a baby. Women should check with ob/gyn practices to find out. There are some all female ob/gyn practices that rotate with other practices that have male doctors so be sure to check with your practice even if it's an all female practice. Some of the practices listed on this directory only provide gynecological services. If anyone sees any ob/gyn practices listed on The AllFemale OB/Gyn Directory that have any male doctors in their practices, please so we can remove that practice from the directory.

Based on many women's preferences, your practice cannot be listed if:

1.) Any of the doctors in your practice do abortions.

2.) You have at least one male doctor in your practice. It must be an all female ob/gyn practice to be able to list on

Your listing will be automatically removed if we find out that your practice violates the above conditions. If anyone sees any practices listed on The All Female OB/Gyn Directory in violation of the above terms, please with the name of the practice and the details of why they violate the above policy.


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