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The All Female Ob/Gyn Directory is an online directory that lists all female ob/gyn and gynecology practices in the United States. The goal of the All Female OB/Gyn Directory is to make it easier for women and their husbands who are looking for all female ob/gyn and gynecology practices in different states. More women and husbands desire to have the assurance that only female medical professionals will assist with intimate procedures and childbirth. It is very time consuming to do a lot of searches on Yahoo, Google, and MSN. Sometimes, it's even time consuming to look through the telephone books because sometimes ob/gyn and gynecology practices don't specify if they are an all female practice or not.

More women desire only female medical professionals to treat them for gynecologic conditions or assist them with childbirth. Many husbands feel uncomfortable for their wives to have intimate care by other men.

Some of the reasons that women prefer only females for their ob/gyn needs:

  • They feel very uncomfortable having a male gynecologist treating them for intimate examinations.

  • They feel like female gynecologists can understand some things better. For example, men never have cramps, ovarian cysts, and other female health problems.
  • Many female gynecologists have given birth in the past and some women feel like they can relate to them better since they have experienced childbirth.

  • They want to protect the intimacy between their husbands or future husbands and themselves. Going to male gynecologists can cause intimacy problems between husband and wife.

  • They want their husband to be the only man in the world to see them naked or access certain parts of their body.
  • Religious and moral reasons.
Another goal of The All Female OB/Gyn Directory is to bring more patients to all female ob/gyn and gynecology practices. We have some features that will really benefit all female ob/gyn and gynecology practices such as the ability for people to email their practice to a friend and more exposure to their web site if they have one. Please see more information on adding your practice.

Other businesses can even advertise on this web site. They will need to check out the banner ad rates.


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